Weddings @ Bundara

Small weddings in Berry appear to be gaining popularity.  We always knew that Berry was a favourite location for hundreds of couples looking to tie the knot, but always assumed people wanted way more guests than the 28 Bundara Farm can accommodate.

However, recently we had the honour of a beautiful wedding held at Bundara Farm.  A lovely couple who had already built a life together were looking for the perfect place to complete their partnership with family and a few very close friends.

We were delighted to be part of their planning as they visited the property and were obviously relieved to see how well appointed the facilities were, and excited at the possibilities available to them.

The weekend went very well.  On the day, the couple held a small ceremony on the front lawn of the homestead then moved down to the stables that had been decorated simply for a soft and beautiful look.

As we talk to the many friends we have made in area, we hear there are more people looking for events of this size.  For guests wanting an intimate wedding celebration where everybody can stay together, we think Bundara is an ideal venue.

That’ll Go Straight to the Pool Room

You know when you get that feeling that something is missing?

Well that’s how we’ve been feeling about the games room ….. until now. We are very happy to announce the arrival of a competition sized (12’x6′) Snooker table.  Soooo cool.

In the first few months after we opened the games room was a bit of a poor cousin the the rest of the farm and we have been really keen to make it a retreat for kids, young adults and parents alike.

The room is located in the lowest floor and takes up almost the entire footprint of the farmhouse.  There is a large screen TV for watching free to air or plugging in any games devices you wish to bring along and the mandatory ping pong table.  Lounges that you can configure anyway that suits, including taking them outside to sit in the sun and fresh air.

Last school holidays Anna and I were like kids at Christmas as we waited for the truck to arrive carrying the latest addition to the games room.  Then in it came one piece at a time and skillfully re-built by the experts from Tablesport.  I think it is the room’s piece de resistance although Anna’s vinyl LP wall could rival it.

The bunks are on that level, so it’s a great spot for teenagers, and there is a bathroom and toilet as well.  What it has done is provide a whole new aspect to the Bundara Farm experience.  We’d love to hear what you think is the best part of the games room and any ideas to make it even better.

We’re Delighted that You’re Delighted

Things have moved fast since we opened Bundara Farm to our wonderful guests.  We have been delighted by the different reasons they come to Bundara.

Our first few groups were all about Christmas in July.  We had several business teams who took the opportunity to celebrate together in the large dining room and in front of the huge open fire on those cold winter days.

There have been celebrations for significant birthdays, groups of keen golfers for weekends away, church group retreats and large groups of friends just wanting to get away for some quality time together for long weekends and holidays.

Without doubt, one of the most popular reasons is accommodation for local weddings, where family and friends can all stay together.  Bundara Farm enables groups of up to 26 people come together for good times, and to support the bride and groom during this exciting time.

We love to hear your stories, so keep writing to us and let us know how your stay was special or unique.

We bought Bundara Farm!

And all but a month after, we are asking each other how that happened…

“I really feel like seeing some rolling countryside.” said Anna.  It is her way of telling me the next South Coast holiday was being planned.  And, I think, that’s how it started.

Since I was too young to remember, my family has taken most summer holidays in a little town called Bendalong.  So when I met my wife, I was always going to introduce her to the very special South Coast.  Since we met, we have spent dozens of holidays there, before we married as a couple, as newlyweds, with our children, and with friends and extended family.

We are always on the lookout for a special place to stay, where every member of the family can do their own thing.  Our kids are very different.  An explorer (with dog), a bike rider and a horse rider.  Anna and I, on the other hand, can’t get enough of beach walks. But this time around we were surprised at the lack of available accommodation and prices seemed to be much higher than we remembered.

Then I got the call from Anna. “I’ve been having a look online at properties around Berry and found a few properties we could afford.” Expecting to hear rental rates, instead, I got the rundown on a property that ticked all the boxes, and it was for sale. She took me through some rough figures and the only thing I could say was “You want to buy a holiday house?”

It took me a few days to catch up to Anna, but she had done the homework and this place did indeed tick all the boxes.  Acres of bush to explore with a big dam to fish, mountain bike tracks on the property and across the Berry area, and a beach down the road. Oh, and did I mention the stables and full sized dressage arena?

The previous owners had lived in the big beautiful farm house and had rented out the two cottages for about 15 years.  Our plan is to renovate them and rent all three either separately or together for groups of up to 20.  The property is in need of some love (and elbow grease) but the plan that Anna put together was like a military masterpiece.

A few weeks later and we were well into the buying process, planning for renovations and scheduling our first guests for Christmas in July.  And here we are, three weeks after settlement and on track.

Pictures of the refurbished house will be up on the web site in July. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we already do.