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Get Out of the Ordinary

Are you thinking of getting out of the ordinary? We think you will need: a beautiful location with comfortable surrounds; wonderful experiences that will appeal to all; and tours, tastings and activit…
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Weddings @ Bundara

Small weddings in Berry appear to be gaining popularity.  We always knew that Berry was a favourite location for hundreds of couples looking to tie the knot, but always assumed people wanted way more…
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That’ll go Straight to the Pool Room

You know when you get that feeling that something is missing? Well that’s how we’ve been feeling about the games room ….. until now. We are very happy to announce the arrival of a competition s…
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We’re Delighted that You’re Delighted

Things have moved fast since we opened Bundara Farm to our wonderful guests.  We have been delighted by the different reasons they come to Bundara. Our first few groups were all about Christmas in J…
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We Bought Bundara Farm!

And all but a month after, we are asking each other how that happened… “I really feel like seeing some rolling countryside.” said Anna.  It is her way of telling me the next South Coast holiday…
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